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About Chartered Physios

Chartered Physios is a specialist mobile therapy service, incorporating Physiotherapy and Sports Massage to manage, prevent and rehabilitate you from injury. Our wholistic approach ensures we deliver a high quality and precise service that will help you cope with your aches, pains and recover from an injury. Effective treatment for injuries such as, achy and painful backs, sore shoulders and painful knees, is often compromised due to a busy lifestyles.

Timely treatment may also prevent an injury getting worse and cause other complications, for example, pain radiating into the legs from the back. This exclusive mobile therapy service will eliminate these factors as we aim to treat you at your convenience. Although our primary focus is to resolve your presenting injury, we also endeavour to investigate possible underlying factors to help prevent reoccurrence of your injury.

To summarise Chartered Physios
  • Specialist mobile therapy service
  • Manage, prevent and rehabilitate you from injury
  • High quality and precise treatment, tailored to your needs
  • Help prevent your injury lead to other complications
  • Timely treatment at your convenience
  • Treat the primary injury and possible underlying factors