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School's Project

In 2015 we collaborated with Innovation Sports Ltd and developed the “School’s running programme”. This collective vision and goal is to promote healthy living and the importance of fitness, through organised sporting events for children. The programme primarily focuses on children between 5-11 years old, as our aim is to encourage our vision early on and continued throughout life.

In January 2015, we launched our inaugural ‘schools running project’ at St Bedes School in Clapham. The programme was designed to deliver 10 weeks coaching, and for the children to take part in a 2k running series organised by Innovation Sports Ltd.

We are pleased to announce the inargual schools running project was extremely successful, all pupils completed both the coaching programme and 2k run on 22nd March 2015. We hope to continue our collaborative vision and journey to implement this programme in as many schools as possible, to encourage and develop the idea that exercise is not a chore, but a beneficial habit.

Following a successful trial in 2015, our ‘Schools Running Project’ was officially launched at Christchurch CofE School and Griffin Primary, both in Battersea, in the Autumn Term of 2016.  Four separate sessions were run between the two schools, mainly outdoors, with over 40 children participating aged between 5-7 years old.  The programme aimed to promote healthy living and to understand the importance of being active, improve fitness, stamina and strength whilst realising that habits formed at an early age are more likely to continue throughout later life.

The programme ran over the course of 10-12 weeks, with each child invited to participate in a competitive organised 2-2.5km run in a local park at the end of it. In order to ensure our activities and exercises were absorbed and understood by the children, our mental performance coaches assessed each child, through a short questionnaire, to determine how each may learn best. This enabled our coaches to adapt their techniques and ensured each child was able to integrate during coaching sessions. These results were fed back to the school to possibly assist teachers with any adaptations they may find helpful within the classroom or for one-on-one teaching.  

A physiotherapist, sports coach and dietician also support the children, each playing a crucial role to reinforce the importance of developing muscle strength and joint movement; the impact positive thinking may have on performance; and the role of nutrition before, during and after exercise.

All sessions run to date have been extremely effective with a high number of participants successfully completing the 2-2.5km run at the end.  The children we have coached have been active and enthusiastic and keen to challenge their fitness goals.  We have had positive feedback from the schools and hope to continue our collaborative vision and journey to implement this programme in as many schools as possible, to encourage and develop the idea that being active is not a chore, but a beneficial habit.

Exercise Club

Chartered Physios in collaboration with Mumtaz John foundation, will provide a complimentary physiotherapy lead exercise class.


  • 60 years plus
  • Maximum 8 in a group
  • Participants will be required to provide GP consent to participate
  • Our physiotherapist will assist with this process and obtain your current health status
  • No participation fee but a commitment to attend at least 5 fortnightly sessions is recommended, along with any donations you wish to make
  • Urdu and Punjabi speaking translators present
  • Each participant shall be closer monitored for heart and respiratory rate

Class times

  • Times: 13:00 – 14:00
  • Day: Friday


  • Circuit based
  • Maximum of 4 exercise stations
  • Strengthening and stretching based exercises, incorporating your upper and lower body muslces
  • Exercise equipment provided (subject to availability)
  • Objective markers  – to monitor and assess progress

Benefits to participants

  • Maintain the integrity of moving joints whilst taking into account individual symptoms and limitations
  • Maintain muscle strength and flexibility
  • A friendly and social environment
  • A potential positive effect on your health status 

Contact details

  • Mr Shahzad John
  • 07809 537 339