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Physiotherapy sessions consist of:

Initial session

During the session our physiotherapist ascertains what the injury is, for example is it:

  • Structural – stiff joints?
  • Muscular – torn, pulled or strained muscles?
  • Neurological – an irritated sciatic nerve?

Follow up sessions
These sessions would implement the physiotherapy treatment and possibly include manipulating, mobilising, strengthening and/or stretching joints, muscles or nerves.

Sports massage

Also know as, deep tissue massage, soft tissue manipulation, call it whatever you like. The ultimate goal is to stretch, mobilise and assist recovering muscles and joints from training and injury.

Our physiotherapists often use sports massage therapy as an adjunct with other manual therapy techniques to progress and speed up your injury recovery. You may also find this treatment particular beneficial for muscles and joints after exercise, as it helps to relieve post exercise muscle soreness.

Sports events coverage

Mobile Sports Massage Therapy Services at you Event

Sports massage therapy is a great addition to compliment any sports events. Our therapists are proficient in providing pre and post events sports massage services at sporting event such as:

  • Triathlons
  • Running events
  • Athletic meets
  • Football tournaments
  • Cricket tournaments
  • And many more..

We truly understand the importance and benefits of how :

Pre event sports massage – may sufficiently warm and stretch muscles in preparation for an event, enhance performance and assist to prevent injury.

Post event sports massage – may speed up recovery and serve to prevent injury.

Our team provide the necessary equipment to delivery you a completely hassle free service.

An example of our equipment include:

  • Massage plinths
  • Towels
  • Stretch mats
  • Marquee (if required)
  • Oils
For further details and to obtain a quote for your event please get in touch with our team on
Corporate services

Our mobile corporate Services

To help improve health and wellbeing in your workplace

We have established a number of on-site services that improve health and wellbeing in your workplace.

Each service may be tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

Our mobile services include:

  • Seated Sports massage
  • Workstation assessments and ergonomics
  • Occupational physiotherapy clinics
  • Orgainsed group exercise and sports events
  • Health and Wellbeing promotional workshops